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Check Your Vehicle's Performance Thru Dyno Chart

Five Bar is proud be one of the few shops to have in-house state of the art MD-1000 series Mustang Dynamometer.

The design focus for the MD-1100 is, in a word, versatility. The MD-1100 offers a tremendous amount of power measurement capabilities, loading capabilities and mechanical versatility found nowhere else in the business. 

Rear Wheel Horsepower
Power is at its best when it is efficiently transmitted to the wheels – that is, to the rear-wheels of a rear-wheel drive vehicle with a brawny in-line transmission and a high stall speed torque converter. Many of the grass roots mechanics amongst us would argue that power in any other form is an aberration. For those of us that assign ourselves the task of maintaining late-model muscle car traditions, the MD-1100 series answers the call with a sticky, knurled 30-inch drum for handling those vehicles that you dare not drive at full throttle anywhere else. The MD-1100’s impressive 2,500-hp and 225-mph speed capacities are more than enough to handle the RWD power market with ease.

Sport Compacts
Sport compact tuning is a serious business, and it is likely the most visible performance market in the world today, which is why the 1100 is designed for testing anything and everything front-wheel drive. The single roller design protects against clearance concerns while the larger 30-inch roller maximizes the traction potential for those higher horsepower cars out there. More importantly, the 1100 is a low inertia dynamometer, so there is no concern with the poor resolution and load stability issues often associated with larger roller dynamometers. The 1100 merges large roller benefits (traction) with low inertia advantages (resolution) into one dynamometer.

Having a dynamometer allows us to test many vehicles other shops cannot.

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