Fuel Injector Cleaning and Flow Testing Services

Properly functioning fuel injectors are arguably the most important component in any gasoline powered engine. In performance applications, even the slightest variance in flow between injectors can mean catastrophic failure. Five Bar Motorsports provides a complete injector cleaning and flow testing service to both local clientele and customers all around the world.

We utilize a state of the art GB800 Fuel Injector Testing Machine to conduct both dynamic and static tests on up to 8 injectors at once. During the testing process we also conduct a spray pattern analysis, injector leak tests, resistance testing, and provide the complete results to each customer upon completion of the service.

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Five Bar Motorsports Fuel Injector Cleaning & Testing Service

Have your injectors cleaned and flow tested to ensure proper operation in your performance engine. Five Bar Motorsports offers a complete injector cleaning and testing service using their revolutionary GB800 injector cleaning machine. This service is $20/injector tested