Dyno Tuning & Calibration

We offer in house dyno tuning and custom calibration services utilizing our Mustang Dynamometer MD1100 chassis dyno. We are an HP Tuners direct dealer and provide our clients with Five Bar Motorsports branded RTD+ devices to deliver our calibrations with ease. 


The first step in the dyno tuning process at Five Bar Motorsports is ensuring the client's vehicle is "dyno ready". This means...

- Vehicle does not have any fluid leaks...
- Vehicle does not have any mechanical issues...
- Vehicle's transmission and drivetrain are functioning properly...

If a client's vehicle is not "dyno ready" upon it's arrival to our facility, the client will be responsible for scheduling an appointment for the issues to be addressed by our technicians, or they will need to reschedule their appointment and address the areas of concern prior to the vehicle returning. A dyno tuning appointment is not an appointment for service/maintenance/repair and we run a tight schedule, so please make sure your vehicle is ready for the dyno prior to your appointment.

After a vehicle is confirmed to be ready for the dyno, the client will sign our dyno waiver, and provide the list of modifications or build sheet for their vehicle. This is a standard operating procedure for all vehicles that enter our dyno room and go on our dyno. There are no exceptions to this rule. If the vehicle is going on our dyno, a waiver must be signed.

Once the paperwork has been handled, the client's vehicle will be loaded onto our dyno within our dyno room. From there, our in-house calibration specialist will begin calibrating the client's vehicle based off of the modifications that have been installed. Once we have concluded the calibration process and have made the final pulls, we will street drive the vehicle, and ensure the vehicle's street manners are optimal for the modifications that have been made. After the street testing is complete, the client will be notified, and the vehicle will be ready for pickup.

Kelsey Rowlings supercharged Coyote powered Nissan 240sx on Five Bar Motorsports dyno


We specialize in calibrating late model domestic performance applications. These platforms include LS, Gen V LT, Coyote, Mod Motor, Godzilla 7.3, and Gen III Hemi. All OBD2 equipped vehicles will be required to have an HP Tuners RTD+ or MPVI device. We keep our own RTD+ devices in stock and are sold for $299 plus sales tax. We also tune a wide variety of race oriented standalone engine management systems. These systems include Holley EFI, Haltech, Fueltech, and OBR Control Systems. If you have any questions about calibrations/tuning, please contact us directly and a member of our team will assist you.

Naturally Aspirated Calibrations are $750
Forced Induction Calibrations are $850
Alternative fuel maps/tuning are available, please contact us for pricing
Dyno Rentals are available, we charge $200 an hour with a two hour minimum

$100 Non-Refundable Deposit is REQUIRED when scheduling a tune.
This will go towards your total on the day of your appointment.

Trackside Support & More

Taking your vehicle to the track for the first time and need some advice? Having issues getting your vehicle to work the way that it should while out on the track? Have a motorsports program that you need an extra hand with operating on race day? Five Bar Motorsports offers trackside support and performance consultations to help you achieve your goals on the track. Our team members have years of experience across several different disciplines of motorsports and we offer a wide variety of services to give you a competitive edge. 

Kelsey Rowlings supercharged Coyote powered Nissan 240sx on Five Bar Motorsports dyno