Tuning & Support Services

Custom Calibrations & Dyno Tuning

Five Bar Motorsports offers custom tuning solutions for many late model domestic applications both in-person and remotely. By utilizing many years of experience alongside the power of HP Tuners devices, the Five Bar Motorsports team ensures client’s investments are protected with top notch calibrations at competitive prices. Five Bar Motorsports also offers calibration services for vehicles equipped with standalone computer systems by working with manufacturers such as Haltech, OBR Control Systems, Fueltech, and Holley. Whether you have a daily driver equipped with bolt-ons or an engine swapped racecar, Five Bar Motorsports has you covered.

HP Tuners x Five Bar Motorsports

By teaming up with HP Tuners, we have the ability to deliver custom calibrations to our clients with ease. The RTD+ device allows customers to flash calibrations to their vehicle, scan for DTC codes, and also utilize the VCM scanner to data-log on the fly. This comes by the use of the new HP Tuners TDN application that is available on both iOS and Android devices. The Five Bar Motorsports RTD+ device starts at $299 and in-house dyno tuning starts at $650 for a complete session. Contact our team for assistance with getting a dyno session scheduled today!

Purchase your Five Bar Motorsports RTD+ here!


Race Preparation & Trackside Support

The Five Bar Motorsports team is committed to assisting their clients achieve their goals on and off the track. We offer a wide range of support services to ensure our clients are equipped with everything that they need to win. From safety system installations like cages, harness bars, and parachute kits, to complete vehicle inspections, configurations, and trackside support come raceday, Five Bar Motorsports will be in your corner and ready to assist you on your quest for the winners circle.